Manufacturing Metal Fabrication

Welding with sparks

Date: March 20 2023 - June 20, 2023

Category: Career Readiness


Sheet Metal Local #63
United States

M - Th: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Length: 165 Hours   

Region: West

Program Goals: The Welding Certificate program teaches students the fundamental skills necessary for thermal cutting processes and manufacturing. By the end of the program, students will be equipped with knowledge and technical skills to identify welding symbols, interpret technical drawings, and weld different materials using various welding processes.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Apply the four main welding processes used in manufacturing: Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, to produce high-quality welds.
  • Practice safe working protocols and responsible use of tools and machinery in a manufacturing environment.
  • Apply various thermal cutting processes used in manufacturing, including Oxygen Fuel Cutting, Plasma Arc Cutting, Air Carbon Arc Cutting, and Mechanized Oxygen Fuel Cutting, to precisely and effectively cut various materials.
  • Effectively read and interpret technical drawings and welding symbols to accurately perform welding tasks in a manufacturing environment.
  • Utilize modern tooling, skills, and techniques to efficiently perform welding and manufacturing processes.
  • Understand the properties of different materials and their behavior in relation to welding and other manufacturing processes.


Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics